Your Family lawyers, located in both Brisbane and Sydney, dedicated to providing you and your family with the best possible legal representation.


We offer expertise in Family Law, Domestic Violence Orders and Wills & Estate Planning Law.


Let CG Legal Group be the solution for your Family Law needs.

Let us help you with your family law matter including Marriage,

De Facto, Separation, Divorce, 

Annulment of marriages, Spousal maintenance, Property settlements, Binding Financial Agreements, Domestic Violence, Family Mediation, 

Child Custody, Child Support, 

Parental rights, 

Guardianship and Adoption

Family Law

We handle criminal law matters specifically those related to family violence, including:

Domestic Violence Orders, Temporary Protections Orders and Child Safety Matters. 

Criminal Law

Let us provide you the best succession law outcome by:

Providing you with a comprehensive Will, Interpreting an existing Will, including where the Will is deemed invalid or contested, Dealing with situations where no Will exists, Administering the estate through directing Executors and Trustees, Distributing assets and liabilities, and Conducting mediation and negotiation.

Wills & Estates

Binding Financial Agreement

Our professional solicitors at CG Legal Group can create a Binding Financial Agreement to ensure your assets are protected.


Contact CG Legal Group for assistance with matters regarding separation and divorce.

Child Custody

CG Legal Group can assist you in deciding what is best for your situation and prepare your documents accordingly.

Parenting Plan

For assistance regarding parenting plans contact CG Legal Group

Domestic Violence Order

We will put legal measures in place to protect you.


What are the different types of adoption?

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For legal advice regarding guardianship and legal custody, our friendly lawyers at  CG Legal Group can provide you with professional advice.


To see if your relationship qualifies as De-Facto or for matters regarding separation chat to our friendly legal team.

Family Law

Family Law

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