What is Adoption?


Adoption is a legal process, where a child can become a family member. During adoption, the adoptive parents will take on all rights and responsibilities of biological parents.

The objective of the Family Court is to make orders that are in best interest of the child. 

Who can adopt?

Couples who have been in a de facto or married relationship for more than 2 years can adopt. However there is often a long process to determine the eligibility based on a process of mutual assessment and preparation by the prospective adoptive parents and social worker, this is referred to as home study. 

What are the different types of adoption?

There are several different types of adoption within Australia.


They include the following:

  • Local Adoption

  • Intrafamily Adoption

  • Out of Home care Adoption

  • Inter-country Adoption

  • Special needs Adoption

Am I required to go to court?

Yes, formal adoption requires approval from the Family Court.  All circumstances for adoption vary for each of our clients, our team can assist and advise you in your suitability or progress of adoption.

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