Powers of Attorney (POA)

What is a Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney is a legal document that allow you to allocate a person to be responsible for your personal and financial decisions, if you are not able to make these decisions for yourself. The person allocated as a Power of Attorney must obey your instructions while you are mentally capable and any directions you make in the power of attorney.

Why do I need a Power of Attorney?

In an event of accident or illness you may not be able to make decisions regarding living arrangements, finance and health care/medical treatments.

How do I choose someone to be a Power of Attorney?


When appointing someone to be POA, you should ensure they are someone you trust and are responsible. They should be well aware of your wishes and be capable to act on your behalf if required. You are giving them power to make decisions at a vulnerable time in your life.

Can I have more than one Power of Attorney?

You can appoint more than one attorney. When allocating more than one attorney, you should choose people who can cooperate with each other and work together in your best interests.

CG Legal Group can assist you with preparing your POA ensuring your wishes are met.

Power of Attorney