Separation is challenging; emotionally, physically and financially. CG Legal Group focus on your wellbeing during tough times. You are able to file for divorce after you and your former spouse has been separated for over 12 months. In Australia, the court does not take into consideration why the marriage has ended; however, in court you need to prove that marriage is irreconcilable.  This is proven through being separated for at least 12 months before filing for divorce. When filing for divorce you can apply jointly or solely. A joint application means that yourself and former partner have mutually agreed to the divorce. A sole application requires the document to be served to your former partner, it will be required you to attend a court hearing.

A formal application for divorce must be filed with the Federal Circuit Court, along with other legal documents such as an Affidavit. CG Legal Group will prepare your divorce documents. If there are children involved, or you are applying for the divorce without the cooperation of your spouse, a hearing date will be provided. One of our professional solicitors will attend the divorce hearing to ensure your rights are protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to our children?

Parenting arrangements will be designed according to suit your needs. Parenting arrangements can either be by way of an Parenting Plan or formal Consent Orders filed with the Court. CG Legal Group will advise you which is best for you.

What will happen to my property?

A property settlement agreement will be drafted according to your requirements. This will either be by way of a Binding Financial Agreement or by formal consent orders. CG Legal Group will tailor a solution for you.