Divorce in Brisbane, Queensland – A Guide to Prepare for the Worst and Get the Best

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Every marriage starts with the promises of ‘until death takes up apart’ while proclaiming ‘I do’ with serene oaths of staying by each other’s sides forever. However, for a few, the marriage turns out to be a recipe for disaster, making the two parties call it quits through a divorce order.

The divorce order is the dissolution of matrimony i.e., an end to the legal commitments of marriage.

Divorce in Brisbane

The divorce order is a legal document proclaiming that the marriage is over and irrevocable. However, the procedure involves more than the few words marking the end of the spousal journey – it may involve finances, ugly court battles over child custody, real estate divisions among each party along with the emotional turmoil associated with a divorce.

What is Included in a Divorce Process?

Going through a divorce might be emotionally and financially tough, which makes it difficult for people to take the right decisions. That is why, it is necessary that you get the right legal advice to help you navigate through the process of a divorce separation. This article is a general guide on the right way to prepare for the worst and the best in a divorce.

You may need to find legal help with:

- Parenting plans, orders and issues

- Child maintenance

- Spousal maintenance

- Court appeals and reviews

- Financial agreements

- The divorce and separation process

- Alternative dispute regulation

- Financial division of assets and real estate

How to Start the Divorce Separation Process

The first step in filing through a divorce through court or trial is to hire the right divorce lawyer. It is important that you do not leave the job to unprofessional or unskilled lawyers who don’t have any experience in the court trials. This is because an inexperienced person representing you in court trials may get intimidated and cost you a huge chunk of time and wealth in divorce settlements.

The second step is to make sure you know what you want ‘after’ the divorce. This may include dividing roles for child caretaking, finances, education etc. Also, you must not force your child to choose a relationship with any of his/her parents during or after the divorce. However, if you think your children are at risk of getting hurt, you must consult your divorce family lawyer to put this on priority during the trials.

Lastly, if you need to or had already left the home in a hurry, you must make sure you take all the necessary documents for a fair trial such as;

- Passports

- Birth and other certificates

- Visas

- Wills

- Things you may need for the children and yourself if they’re going with you

- Superannuation, tax and other financial documents

- Cheque books and banks

- Personal things you’re worried about leaving behind

With all said, it is pertinent that you also remember to communicate all necessary information with your divorce lawyer and avoid manipulating or lying for personal gains. The more open you’re about what you own and want to own in finances and personal assets, in addition to child custody, the more better your lawyer would be able to fight your case in the court battles.

For further inquiries, you may contact us at CG Legal Group for more information about divorce in Brisbane.

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